Now that you have an updated eyeglass prescription, it’s time for the fun part! Selecting a new frame! And once you’ve found the fashionable frame that suits your personality, it’s time to customize your prescription lens to fit your eye care needs! Two of the most common eyeglass lenses are single vision and multifocal. Let’s go over these prescription lenses!

Single Vision

Single vision lenses are normally prescribed to nearsighted OR farsighted patients at their annual eye exam. Single vision is an all-purpose lens that can correct nearsightedness or farsightedness, the most common eye problems, by giving one power from edge to edge of the lens.


The multifocal lenses give you multiple focal points in your lens. This lens allows you to see near and far without purchasing two pair of eyeglasses. Multifocal lenses come in three options: bifocal, trifocal, and progressive. 


The bifocal lenses give you two focal points. These two focal points give you up-close and distance power to correct both vision problems, nearsighted and farsighted. Typically, on the bifocal lens, the bottom half is dedicated for activities such as reading or texting. The top half is for seeing at a distance, which is helpful when driving or watching your kids at the ballpark.


The trifocal lenses have three focal points that assist with up-close, mid-range, and distance vision. The trifocal lens begins with up-close vision at the bottom of the lens, moving up to the middle for mid-range, and the top of the lenses gives you the ability to see at a distance. 


Today’s digital technology has impacted eyewear to provide you with the option of a lineless lens. This no-line lens is known as progressive. This technology enables a smooth transition from nearsighted to farsighted in both lenses without seeing the revealing line on your eyeglasses. The benefits of selecting a progressive lens include the following:

  • clear vision at all distances
  • eliminates inconvenience “image jump” caused by bifocals and trifocals
  • provides a more youthful appearance due to a lineless lens

Lens Enhancements

There are lens enhancements that give your eyeglass lens that extra elevation! Lens enhancements can provide your vision with a protective coating and a better-quality lens performance.


The polarized lenses have a special coating that filters the light from different angles while removing the glare and giving you a crisp, clear view.

Blue Light Protection

Are your eyes straining when looking at your digital screens? Blue Light Protection can reduce your exposure to blue light when working or enjoying your digital devices. Blue Light Protection can eliminate eye strain and fatigue. This protective coating can also provide optimal visual performance and extend the life of your prescription lenses.


The anti-reflective coating provides a sharper image by reducing any reflections. This enhancement allows others to make full eye contact with you because they can see your eyes without the glare. The anti-reflective coating can also shield your lenses from scratches and dust.

Need a new pair of prescription eyeglasses? Shop at one of our One Hour Optical locations right after your annual eye exam for a new pair of frames! 

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