What is Keratoconus?

There are hundreds of different eye conditions that you might suffer from. Some are hereditary and others are simply the result of the way you live your life. That being said, keratoconus is a hereditary disease in which the cornea of the eye, which is normally round, tends to become cone shaped and bulges out of the normal shape. This bulge makes it difficult for light to enter the eye and reach the retina. Since the eye cannot properly take in light, this disorder causes distorted vision which can make day to day life more difficult. This doesn’t usually cause total blindness but it can cause issues with vision. This is a disorder that gets worse over time and that does change your overall eye shape so that you may not be able to use normal contact lenses.

Keratoconus Treatment

There is currently no treatment for keratoconus as it is a lifelong disease that can get worse the longer you have it. For very serious cases you can get a procedure called corneal cross linking that helps to stabilize the cornea and reduce thinning to make your cornea more stable.

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Though this is not a cure, it can help to keep the disease from getting worse. You can also use contact lenses or glasses to correct the poor vision that is caused by the keratoconus so that you can go about your day to day. If you have this disease or suspect that you might, it is always best to see an optometrist about what types of treatment you can have and what can be done to help make managing your disorder easier.

As with any eye disease or disorder, it is always best that you are under the supervision of an optometrist to make sure that your eyes are cared for and that if there are any changes in your eyes your optometrist can chart them and determine what the best course of treatment is. This is a disease that there currently is no cure for so taking the time to see an optometrist and find the best way to manage your disease is going to be the easiest way to deal with keratoconus and the effects that it produces in the eye.


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