Every season fashion trends change, so we are here to help you stay up to speed with where we are going next! Here are some bold styles and classic looks that will help you stay stylish through the winter season!


1. Thin metal frames.

The frames you made fun of your dad for wearing in the late 90s are currently the height of fashion. You can see famous models and celebrities sporting this style.


2. Minimalist style.

Minimalist style is in across all areas. Whether it is designing your home or your eyewear choices, you can’t go wrong with minimalist aesthetic.


3. Wooden frames.

The earthly tones match most attires and let you stand out from the crowd. They are also eco-friendly!

4. Translucent frames.

These glasses are a simple style that can be made bold with many different hues. You can have your frames tinted to your favorite color.

5. Blue light blocking lenses.

With all the time we spend in front of screens it is important to protect your eyes from digital eye strain.


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