We are living in a digitally-driven world, where we are constantly using computers, tablets, and smartphones on a daily basis. According to the American Optometric Association, the average person spends seven hours a day on the computer either in the office or working from home. Those long hours staring at digital screens may cause you to develop Computer Vision Syndrome. You may find yourself experiencing eye discomfort, dry eyes, eye strain, blurred vision, or headaches while trying to get through the day at the office. There are also other factors that contribute to CVS such as the lighting in a room, distance from the digital display, and seating posture. We wanted to share our top 8 tips to combat Computer Vision Syndrome throughout your long and busy days.

  1. 20/20/20 rule – every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking away 20 feet away from your digital display.
  2. Remember to blink while staring at your computer or tablet.
  3. Blue Light Protection – this feature in your eyeglasses can limit the amount of exposure to blue light for your eyes.
  4. Use proper lighting; eye strain often is caused by excessively bright light. Your work computer should not be at its brightest setting as it should not be your light source.
  5. You should consider adding anti-glare screen to your monitors at the office, as the glare can be harmful to your vision.
  6. Be sure to position your digital display so that your head is in a naturally comfortable position while sitting.
  7. Sitting in a comfortable chair can provide support for your neck and back. This will help you avoid neck and shoulder strain which is associated with CVS.
  8. Scheduling your comprehensive eye exam annually is highly important when it comes to preventing or treating eyestrain.

Have you scheduled your annual eye exam yet? It may be time to see if your eyes are developing Computer Vision Syndrome if you’re spending long days at the office on the computer. Schedule now at any of our One Hour Optical locations.

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